To: Watkins and Shepard Trucking
Attn: Claims Department
1500 Blaine Street
Helena, MT 59601

Claim Breakdown:

Item Number: Item Description: Item Cost:
*** Send Following Documents with this claims form ***
Original Invoice:  

Proof of Delivery:  
Repair Invoice:  
Repair Authorization:  
* Click here to fill out an online repair authorization request, or fax request to 1-406-532-6639, or call 1-800-889-3206.
 Info required with repair request:  PRO #, invoice cost, repair estimate, description of damage, return phone number, return fax number.
L Name:
A Company:
I Address:
M City/State/Zip:
A Phone Number:
N Fax:
T EMail address:

If not filing electronically, mail this form and all corresponding documents to the above address, or fax to 1-406-532-6639